Another Rinse renews Official Sponsor deal

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Contact Us

Another Rinse owner, Michael Sydlowski announced today that his company has renewed their official sponsorship agreement to be the "official sponsor of holiday beverage opening" this holiday season.  It marks the third consecutive year that the Ann Arbor, MI-based company has done so.


Per Sydlowski, "We are very pleased to be the official sponsors again this season. When we were first approached by holiday organizers, we weren't sure if we could activate the sponsorship to its fullest potential.  After crunching the numbers and strategizing an aggressive social media campaign did we feel we could make it beneficial to our small company. We feel this is a great honor and as a socially responsible company, we just ask that people open responsibly". Added Sydlowski, "plus, how could you say no to Santa and Baby Happy New Year when they have a proposal in front of you and claim to be on a deadline?"

Another Rinse has grown each of their past three years in business with this year pacing to be the highest in the company's young history. "We have grown our product line each year and now have close to thirty different products for consumers to choose from. We feel as though we have a unique item that can meet any needs, whether it is the upcoming Christmas time or a birthday, anniversary, golf outing or groomsman gift". 

"We are fortunate enough to have grown a customer base that understands and appreciates what we are doing in upcycling items as well as creating unique items that aren't found at the turn of the hat", added Sydlowski. "Our hope is to continue to grow the bottom line and be able to become the worldwide Presenting/Title Sponsor in the next year or two. I'm told that one of the sponsorship perks of the Presenting sponsorship package is the chance to ride with Mr. Claus on Christmas Eve night.  We plan to do an employee lottery for that one".

About Another Rinse

Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Another Rinse specializes in upcycling everyday items and materials into new/usable items. They have close to 30 items available through their website ( as well as on niche websites such as Etsy, Hubba, Tictail, Ebay and more.  They recently have expanded their presence in brick and mortar shops around the midwest in cities such as Madison, WI, Bloomington, IN and Midland, MI. 


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Holiday Season is here

Posted on December 07, 2016 by Contact Us

This holiday season - like all others - is about more than gift giving. So before we get caught up in the rush of everything, lets remind ourselves of those reasons. Your reason(s) may be a long list of items or it could be a small list. Regardless, keep those reason(s) special to you and slow down and spend some time with them.

Reminder that Another Rinse ships via the United States Postal Service. As such, we can accept orders up to the cutoff date to ensure receipt of your item(s). Also, since we handcraft each item, we need an additional day or so of crafting that item as well.  When in doubt, send us a note before ordering.

Happy Holidays to you this season!


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Thank the Ladies

Posted on October 01, 2014 by Michael Sydlowski

The guys who enjoy to golf should thank their wife/girlfriend/significant other/co-worker/client/mother, etc.  Seriously, if you're a man, you need to thank them right this very moment.  


Because over 77% of our customers are women (which means then not too many men are reading this).

We didn’t set out to attract only female buyers.   What we did set out to do is to make unique items that you can’t find everywhere.  The gift that when someone sees it they say “wow, where’d you get it, my (insert male relationship here) would love it”.

It seems that women are incredible gift givers no matter what the occasion.  I know my wife always finds something unique and special that says ‘me’ time after time.  I’m amazed at it and I know she’s not the only one out their doing it.  Thus, Another Rinse is pleased to be a resource for those unique item seekers!

And that is exactly how Another Rinse was formed.  My aforementioned wife was looking for a unique gift for her uncle/godfather.  We were in a boutique ship in downtown Ann Arbor, MI and she saw a golf club bottle opener -  priced at $85 or such.  She elbowed me and said “you can make one much cheaper than that”, and even though we didn't purchase the item (over-priced), it set forth my desire to find the secret recipe for making my own openers.  Since then we expanded into different sports and different items (coat racks, campfire roasters, pallet art and more to be unveiled in the next couple of months).

Oh, we have the occasional male buyer (23% of the time to be exact).  We’ve found that those guys are buying for their groomsmen gift (smart idea) or for their father on Father’s Day or as a retirement gift for a client of theirs (these are all actual reasons from our market research).

So while we hope that our male buyer percentage increases, we are very pleased to have the ladies checking us out.  We know we are producing some items that are unique, one-of-a-kind in nature and oh by the way, we are reusing items that would otherwise collect dust, get discarded or overflow the landfill.

Thanks for visiting our site and our 'About Us' page.  If you want to let us know how we are doing, drop us a line at

When in doubt … Have Another Rinse

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Meet Chelsea - Social Media Intern

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Michael Sydlowski

Another Rinse has some of the most dedicated and hard working people around, and interns are no exception. Meet our newest Social Media Intern, Chelsea.

Chelsea is a senior at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Communications and double minoring in Marketing and Electronic Media & Film. She currently lives in the Ann Arbor area, enjoys traveling and is passionate about photography and digital media. After graduation, she hopes to build on her experience as a Social Media Specialist for a U.S.-based corporation or non-profit.

Chelsea will be writing content for the Another Rinse website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest pages, and already has some exciting ideas on how to make Another Rinse a more prominent and creative presence online. Keep up with everything Chelsea and Another Rinse are doing online by following us on all our social media sites linked above.

Congratulations and welcome to the team, Chelsea!

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The gift that keeps on giving

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

Cousin Eddy said this same line in "Christmas Vacation" in referencing  a certain dish that was going to provide some gastro 'benefits' longer after it had been devoured. 

Gifts.  Of the golf club bottle openers that we've sold thus far we can account for almost 85% of them being given as a gift (the other 15% hasn't been surveyed yet). Why such a high percentage? Well, we think that's it is due to the nature of the item being such a unique gift item.  Sure, you can give a tie, a fruit basket or something else that 'everyone else gets', but a bottle opener that is made from a golf club - now that's unique.

The openers are perfect for the golf enthusiast who has a bag full of clubs, plays as much as possible and only sees rain as a mere challenge rather a road block to getting a round in.  It's also about nostalgia.  We had a buyer from Ohio buy an opener because it is the same one his parents used and that he remembers swinging when he was six years old - 35 years ago!

Finally, it about functionality. These once-used golf clubs now serve as a useful everyday item as bottle openers.  I'm sure in a home bar or man cave somewhere that someone will get a ball out and use the opener as some sort of closest to the cup kind of game.  Perhaps we just discovered Another product line there?

Whatever your purpose is in purchasing one of our items, we truly hope you enjoy it and that it is both nostalgic and functional.

Until then, have Another Rinse!


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Added Items

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

Recently (as promised) we added new items to our inventory.  Still up-cycling, we added coat racks made from used golf irons.  Available in single, double and triple formats (1,2 or 3 coat racks), these are Another item that may make the golf nut in your life pleased. The irons are attached to wood and the wood is available in different paint/stain combination.  Review the website for more info.

We also unveiled two varieties of tennis racket bottle openers.  We've up-cycle the old wooden variety tennis rack utilizing the handle for one version and the 'heart' of the racket for another version.  So far we've had a more difficult time locating wooden tennis rackets compared to wood golf clubs.  The search continues though ...

Finally, we've heard and noticed that the majority of our purchases to date have been in gift form.  Meaning the majority of the purchases have been to give a gift to someone else - which is perfect! We knew going into this that these items made a perfect and unique gift that was easily found everyday.  

We did have one buyer from Columbus, OH say that he purchased his golf club bottle opener because the one he saw on the website reminded him of the set his parents owned and that he himself remembered swinging when he was just six years old.  

For some people it's a gift to someone else, for others it's a gift to themselves - the gift of nostalgia.

Keep an eye for yet more items to be added in the near future and remember, When in doubt ... try Another Rinse!


Open for business!

Posted on October 03, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

I think that statement: "Open for business" is the most anticipated and frightening statement for a new business owner.  Anticipated as it's the culmination of an idea, research, development, marketing, more research, some capital, late nights, multiple revisions, etc.  It's a true labor of love.  It's frightening because once you're out there and once you're open, the point of no return has been passed.  You're now in big boy territory and it's a pass/fail grading system.  In either event, I'm sure we'll experience highs and lows but that's expected.

In my initial blog, I mentioned that there would be many revisions to the site and since then, there have!  But the basis of the site (the bones) are in place.  Now comes the marketing and driving traffic and ultimately sales. If anyone has suggestions, we are all ears.  Until then, we are concentrating on expanding our product line to include other sports: skiing, tennis and more in the near future.  We will always have the golf club bottle openers as our core product line, but we see growth in other lines as well.


Thanks to you the reader for your time and remember, when in doubt ... have Another Rinse!