Thank the Ladies

Posted on October 01, 2014 by Michael Sydlowski

The guys who enjoy to golf should thank their wife/girlfriend/significant other/co-worker/client/mother, etc.  Seriously, if you're a man, you need to thank them right this very moment.  


Because over 77% of our customers are women (which means then not too many men are reading this).

We didn’t set out to attract only female buyers.   What we did set out to do is to make unique items that you can’t find everywhere.  The gift that when someone sees it they say “wow, where’d you get it, my (insert male relationship here) would love it”.

It seems that women are incredible gift givers no matter what the occasion.  I know my wife always finds something unique and special that says ‘me’ time after time.  I’m amazed at it and I know she’s not the only one out their doing it.  Thus, Another Rinse is pleased to be a resource for those unique item seekers!

And that is exactly how Another Rinse was formed.  My aforementioned wife was looking for a unique gift for her uncle/godfather.  We were in a boutique ship in downtown Ann Arbor, MI and she saw a golf club bottle opener -  priced at $85 or such.  She elbowed me and said “you can make one much cheaper than that”, and even though we didn't purchase the item (over-priced), it set forth my desire to find the secret recipe for making my own openers.  Since then we expanded into different sports and different items (coat racks, campfire roasters, pallet art and more to be unveiled in the next couple of months).

Oh, we have the occasional male buyer (23% of the time to be exact).  We’ve found that those guys are buying for their groomsmen gift (smart idea) or for their father on Father’s Day or as a retirement gift for a client of theirs (these are all actual reasons from our market research).

So while we hope that our male buyer percentage increases, we are very pleased to have the ladies checking us out.  We know we are producing some items that are unique, one-of-a-kind in nature and oh by the way, we are reusing items that would otherwise collect dust, get discarded or overflow the landfill.

Thanks for visiting our site and our 'About Us' page.  If you want to let us know how we are doing, drop us a line at

When in doubt … Have Another Rinse

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