Open for business!

Posted on October 03, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

I think that statement: "Open for business" is the most anticipated and frightening statement for a new business owner.  Anticipated as it's the culmination of an idea, research, development, marketing, more research, some capital, late nights, multiple revisions, etc.  It's a true labor of love.  It's frightening because once you're out there and once you're open, the point of no return has been passed.  You're now in big boy territory and it's a pass/fail grading system.  In either event, I'm sure we'll experience highs and lows but that's expected.

In my initial blog, I mentioned that there would be many revisions to the site and since then, there have!  But the basis of the site (the bones) are in place.  Now comes the marketing and driving traffic and ultimately sales. If anyone has suggestions, we are all ears.  Until then, we are concentrating on expanding our product line to include other sports: skiing, tennis and more in the near future.  We will always have the golf club bottle openers as our core product line, but we see growth in other lines as well.


Thanks to you the reader for your time and remember, when in doubt ... have Another Rinse!