Added Items

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

Recently (as promised) we added new items to our inventory.  Still up-cycling, we added coat racks made from used golf irons.  Available in single, double and triple formats (1,2 or 3 coat racks), these are Another item that may make the golf nut in your life pleased. The irons are attached to wood and the wood is available in different paint/stain combination.  Review the website for more info.

We also unveiled two varieties of tennis racket bottle openers.  We've up-cycle the old wooden variety tennis rack utilizing the handle for one version and the 'heart' of the racket for another version.  So far we've had a more difficult time locating wooden tennis rackets compared to wood golf clubs.  The search continues though ...

Finally, we've heard and noticed that the majority of our purchases to date have been in gift form.  Meaning the majority of the purchases have been to give a gift to someone else - which is perfect! We knew going into this that these items made a perfect and unique gift that was easily found everyday.  

We did have one buyer from Columbus, OH say that he purchased his golf club bottle opener because the one he saw on the website reminded him of the set his parents owned and that he himself remembered swinging when he was just six years old.  

For some people it's a gift to someone else, for others it's a gift to themselves - the gift of nostalgia.

Keep an eye for yet more items to be added in the near future and remember, When in doubt ... try Another Rinse!