The gift that keeps on giving

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Michael Sydlowski

Cousin Eddy said this same line in "Christmas Vacation" in referencing  a certain dish that was going to provide some gastro 'benefits' longer after it had been devoured. 

Gifts.  Of the golf club bottle openers that we've sold thus far we can account for almost 85% of them being given as a gift (the other 15% hasn't been surveyed yet). Why such a high percentage? Well, we think that's it is due to the nature of the item being such a unique gift item.  Sure, you can give a tie, a fruit basket or something else that 'everyone else gets', but a bottle opener that is made from a golf club - now that's unique.

The openers are perfect for the golf enthusiast who has a bag full of clubs, plays as much as possible and only sees rain as a mere challenge rather a road block to getting a round in.  It's also about nostalgia.  We had a buyer from Ohio buy an opener because it is the same one his parents used and that he remembers swinging when he was six years old - 35 years ago!

Finally, it about functionality. These once-used golf clubs now serve as a useful everyday item as bottle openers.  I'm sure in a home bar or man cave somewhere that someone will get a ball out and use the opener as some sort of closest to the cup kind of game.  Perhaps we just discovered Another product line there?

Whatever your purpose is in purchasing one of our items, we truly hope you enjoy it and that it is both nostalgic and functional.

Until then, have Another Rinse!


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