Another Rinse renews Official Sponsor deal

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Contact Us

Another Rinse owner, Michael Sydlowski announced today that his company has renewed their official sponsorship agreement to be the "official sponsor of holiday beverage opening" this holiday season.  It marks the third consecutive year that the Ann Arbor, MI-based company has done so.


Per Sydlowski, "We are very pleased to be the official sponsors again this season. When we were first approached by holiday organizers, we weren't sure if we could activate the sponsorship to its fullest potential.  After crunching the numbers and strategizing an aggressive social media campaign did we feel we could make it beneficial to our small company. We feel this is a great honor and as a socially responsible company, we just ask that people open responsibly". Added Sydlowski, "plus, how could you say no to Santa and Baby Happy New Year when they have a proposal in front of you and claim to be on a deadline?"

Another Rinse has grown each of their past three years in business with this year pacing to be the highest in the company's young history. "We have grown our product line each year and now have close to thirty different products for consumers to choose from. We feel as though we have a unique item that can meet any needs, whether it is the upcoming Christmas time or a birthday, anniversary, golf outing or groomsman gift". 

"We are fortunate enough to have grown a customer base that understands and appreciates what we are doing in upcycling items as well as creating unique items that aren't found at the turn of the hat", added Sydlowski. "Our hope is to continue to grow the bottom line and be able to become the worldwide Presenting/Title Sponsor in the next year or two. I'm told that one of the sponsorship perks of the Presenting sponsorship package is the chance to ride with Mr. Claus on Christmas Eve night.  We plan to do an employee lottery for that one".

About Another Rinse

Based in Ann Arbor, MI, Another Rinse specializes in upcycling everyday items and materials into new/usable items. They have close to 30 items available through their website ( as well as on niche websites such as Etsy, Hubba, Tictail, Ebay and more.  They recently have expanded their presence in brick and mortar shops around the midwest in cities such as Madison, WI, Bloomington, IN and Midland, MI. 


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