LINNET: Golf Club Grille Combo: Fork and Spatula

Two things a ‘typical’ man likes do more than anything else: golf and grilling. We’ve put our two popular items together so that a man can grille in style with what will prove to be a conversation piece around the grille!

Made from used and up-cycled golf clubs, these grilling forks and spatulas are sure to be a hit for the golf lover in your life. Even after the 18th (and 19th) hole, watch your guy turn a 24 ounce steak like it was a beef toy or make a no-look flip of a burger. Great for camping and back yard barbecues.

With original club heads, this won’t get too hot to handle, yet easy to handle anything on a grille.

Handmade, each grilling item is unique, showing the 'work' obtained on the golf course. If you want shiny and unused, sorry because they are made from actual golf clubs (used), we promise no two are alike.

Makes for a perfect and unique gift for the golf fan in your life!

Made with authentic used golf club head and shaft
Durable stainless steel spatula and fork (both are up-cycled)
Approximately 15-20 inches long


*Do not use in a dishwasher

*Do not submerge into water

*Hand clean only

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