How does a company or brand get its name? Sometimes it's easy and natural, other times the story is as interesting as the product itself. Another Rinse is the by product of a couple guys who enjoy a cold adult beverage now and again ... and again. Tracing its roots back is difficult - as is anything when multiple beverages are involved - but the people are what make this story. Another Rinse founder Michael Sydlowski and his best friend Mike Stepanic have lived miles apart since each graduated from Kent State University in the early 90's, but when they reunited over holidays and special events (HS reunions) they always found themselves with one hand holding a beverage among friends. After a few drinks and more to follow, one would ask the other if he needed "another rinse". Thus, a name was born into the cranium of Sydlowski although there's a chance he had no idea until he finally started creating golf club bottle openers in his basement workshop. The rest of the story remains unwritten, but one thing will remain true, after his first beverage of the night he'll for sure be looking for Another Rinse.

Summer 2011 - During a trip to the Ann Arbor Art Festival, Sydlowski sees a bottle opener made from a golf club and decides even he can make one of those. After sacrificing a couple of his own golf clubs and experimenting, he comes up with his own secret formula. Since then, he’s been conjuring up additional ideas to re-use items into items potentially desired by *beverage* drinkers.

December 2011 - First opener is made as a Christmas gift for his brother-in-law and golf lover Aivars Erkmanis

May 2012 - Opener #2 is made as a gift for Teddy Papas

May 2013 - Process is stream lining itself (albeit slow) and opener #3 finds itself full circle and in the hands of Mike Stepanic as a gift

August 2013 - First for-profit opener is sold!

December 2013 - 50th item sold!

June 2014 - 100th item sold!

August 2014 - first intern hired: Chelsea Meyer

December 2014 - 200th item sold!

December 2015 - 400th item sold!