Reclaimed Wood Wall Art - Design It Yourself

Some of the best gifts are the ones we create ourselves. We thought of it, we created it, we wrapped it. So, we thoughts we'd leave the creative juices to you! Thus, our blank reclaimed wood art for you to customize.

If you have the creative juices but not the vehicle upon which to utilize those juices, then this is for you!

This piece of art consists of reclaimed wood that has been cut, sanded and distressed a tad to give it all the charm in the world. Dimensions (estimated) are 18” wide by 16” tall. This 'art' comes complete with wire hanging pieces and wall attachment pieces. Since we aren't sure if you'll create your masterpiece vertically or horizontally, we will leave the attachment of the wire, etc. to you.

Every 'art' piece may be different than what is depicted in the pictures here. Keep in mind each of the boards come in different sizes and conditions and thus the end results may be a little different. That is why each piece is so unique!!***

(All art is made from reclaimed wood that we break down and save from the chipper or landfill. Rush orders are available (with notice) as well as a possible upcharge for this service.

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